Optimal cloud-base microservice and API platform

Do you want to build fast, reliable, scalable and secure applications that can handle any kind of workload and data?

Do you want to leverage the power of cloud computing and event-driven architecture to deliver amazing user experiences and business outcomes?

Do you want to simplify the integration and orchestration of your microservices and APIs across different domains and platforms?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need micrOak.

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About Us

micrOak is a microservice and API platform that helps you design, develop, deploy and manage cloud-based and event-driven applications with ease.

Whether you are building applications for banking, finance, insurance, or any other industry that requires high performance, high availability, high security and high scalability, micrOak has you covered.


High scalability

Scale applications/modules up to a thousand instances, to serve trillions of messages per day, petabytes of data.

High durability

Store application data/infor safely in a distributed, fault-tolerant cluster.

High reliability

Applications perform the function that the user expected and data is safe for whatever reason like high throughput request, unauthorized access…

High performance

Easily changed to adapt to high throughput.


In March 2024, after many trials and passing strict system tests, micrOak successfully received certification from Red Hat, a top company in open-source solutions. With this certification, VietSoftware International also officially became the Technology Partner of Red Hat.

micrOak met the following standards:

Certification standards

  • Runs on OpenShift
  • Continuous vulnerability scans
  • Fully containerized
  • Collaborative support

Use cases

micrOak has now been developed and deployed in the field of finance and banking.
In addition, this solution has many potential applications in other cases.


Banks, finance

Building a payment processing system that can handle millions of transactions per day, with low latency, high reliability and fraud detection capabilities.



Building a customer relationship management system that can integrate data from multiple sources, such as social media, email, chat and phone, and provide personalized recommendations and offers to customers.



Building a smart home system that can connect and control various devices, such as lights, thermostats, cameras and speakers, using voice commands, gestures and events.



Building a health care system that can collect and analyze data from wearable devices, sensors and medical records, and provide insights and alerts to patients and doctors.